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Woyzeck: The Endless Cycle 1.0
2015 CU Boulder Studio Theatre
2016 KCACTF Region 7 Finalist 
Link to research article in Theatre Topics about the production use of interactive media.
"Theatrical Reception and Shifts in Twenty-First Century Perception: A Case Study for the iGeneration,” Theatre Topics 27, no.2 (2017): 123-136. 
DOI: 10.1353/tt.2017.0024

Woyzeck: The Endless Cycle 1.0 was an expanded and more fully realized version of the 2012 production created in New York City. The project was an original adaptation of Buchner's classic. The staging was done in alley configuration with the two sides of the audience divided into first class and steerage sections. Complimentary concessions and more comfortable seating were given to the first class section while steerage was given less desirable Woyzeck: The Endless Cycle 1.0 accomodations. The purpose of this divide was to explore the complications of class and economics for the play's themes and characgters. The project also used an extensive use of multimedia including, video projections for scenery and narrtive, hand-held device interaction and environmental/immersive staging. The cast also created an extensive transmedia narrative through the voice of their characters using social media and personal websites. The production was chosen as a KCACTF Region 7 finalist and was performed again as part of that competition earning high praise.


Below is a rough video of the University of Colorado Performance and a video highlighting the online transmedia narrative that audience members could follow during the two weeks prior to the event.

Transmedia Narrative Supplement

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